Welcome to Unforgiven RP. This server was created on November 14, 2021, opening on April 8, 2022 and being deleted in October 2022 under the name Crónicas del Oeste (1899). Now, in February 2023 and by the same creators, Crónicas del Oeste reopens its doors to the public in a free, equal and fair roleplay experience in a continuous timeline divided into several servers, including Unforgiven 1863, Crónicas del Oeste and Fallen West.

We want to thank you for the trust placed in us to entertain you and offer you the most immersive role-playing experience we are capable of.

To do this, and so that you don't enter blindly, we are going to explain a little about our history, what our idea of roleplay is and what you are going to find on our servers before you even take your first step in them.

Who are we?

On April 8, 2022, Crónicas del Oeste opened its doors to the public, a server openly welcomed by the community thanks to its principles and priorities in roleplay.

The server had several stages, starting with 30 members and 7 players to over 2000 members and 64 players. The server began its development on November 14, 2021 under the name Freedom RP, this initiative started from the idea of changing the style of the Spanish-speaking Rdr2 roleplay at that time, with 3 (LH, RdSD and LS) being the only existing Spanish servers.

The creators of the project were made up entirely of players tired of the "standard" role-playing model, with the constant incoherent rules, destruction of stories and limitations in role-playing. And that's why they got together to create a new, free and innovative server, with new, better and more reasonable rules (like our star rule of valuing life at your own risk).

This server started and lasted until its closure on October 24, 2022 due to economic problems and later its original Discord was deleted after being compromised.

Now, in April 2023, Crónicas del Oeste reopens its doors under the name Unforgiven RP with the same principles and priorities that have represented this project so much since its creation.

And this time we are here to stay.

Unforgiven RP

Unforgiven is not just a server or a new name for Crónicas del Oeste, Unforgiven is a new beginning in the world of role-playing beyond Red Dead.

As in Crónicas, the server faithfully defends roleplay freedom and story development, and while there are many servers with better scripts and more people, Unforgiven offers better role quality, absolute roleplay freedom and a more equal, close and fair Staff.

This server was created by players for players, and that is why all the mechanics, rules and staff decisions have been made by and for the player itself, unlike other servers that prioritize the comfort of the staff, streamers and donors. We are all the same here, players looking for a server where they can all play and enjoy our time without absurd restrictions.

¿Then? ¿What is the difference with Crónicas del Oeste?

Crónicas del Oeste was a Red Dead Redemption roleplay server with a free and fair vision, but in Unforgiven we focus in expanding this idea on a larger scale.

Currently, only 1 project is in development, Fallen West (a Rdr2 Zombies server in 1916).

The thing that makes us unique from the rest of the servers is that we are not looking to make another generic server without any originality. We seek to create a story that is worth telling, a story that lasts over the years and that does not break and restart every time there is a server wipe.

The vision of Unforgiven is based on the idea of the same universe and timeline, which means that the events that occur in Unforgiven 1863 are part of the story that later continues in Crónicas del Oeste (1899) and that eventually will continue in Fallen West (1814).

Apart from this, in Unforgiven we take into account the stories of the characters, and that´s why it´s the players themselves who create the pages of the "Western Chronicles".

¿And the future?

Due to the closure and reopening in April 2023, Unforgiven is currently focused on Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay with Fallen West. However, if the number of players increases, the future plan is to expand to GTAV and GTA VI (once it is available) as well as other games in which the same timeline or connection with the characters from the different servers can be maintained, making it possible to roleplay in different eras and different events with a lineage and a "real" history that is created instead of creating a history from scratch.

If you want to create a story worth telling, what better way than to create it than by playing?